Virginia Court Appointed Attorneys and Computer Forensics

At AVM Technology, we are familiar with civil and criminal cases involving computer crimes.  Sometimes, we assist enterprises in investigating incidents, sometimes we assist criminal defense attorneys representing clients accused of computer crimes.  However, many individuals accused of computer crimes in Virginia are indigent and unable to retain their own attorney, much less afford a competent computer forensics expert.

We believe that indigent defense is an important part of making sure that all individuals are treated fairly by the judicial system.  For that reason, at AVM Technology, we work with court appointed attorneys to ensure that their clients have access quality computer forensics expert services.  An accusation of possession of child pornography may carry a de-facto life sentence.  Other cases, such as computer fraud, computer trespass, hacking, and criminal solicitation also carry severe penalties.  Hidden evidence in digital data may reveal exculpatory evidence.  It may also reveal spoliation of evidence or even explain the presence of unlawful items.

A court-appointed attorney should ask the court to appoint a competent computer forensics expert to assist the defense in understanding the case.  We have worked with counsel in court appointed cases and are committed to continue to do so in the future.  You may contact AVM Technology here.

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