Representation Disclaimer

AVM Technology, LLC is a computer forensics investigation company, not a law firm.  Although some of our members may be eligible to otherwise practice as attorneys, by contacting AVM Technology or retaining us as a computer forensics expert, no attorney-client relationship is created with any member of our company.  We are here to be a member of your legal/investigations team, but we will not be your lawyer. 

We assist attorneys and law firms, as a complement not as a substitute.  The ethical duties of an attorney include zealously representing clients.  A computer forensics expert is under no such obligation and instead has an ethical duty to evaluate evidence objectively and report findings candidly.  Your attorney will make the decisions of what to present and how to present it in court.  Although when assisting attorneys our work may be covered by attorney work product privilege, this privilege belongs to the attorney.  The party will maintain an attorney-client privilege with the attorney, not with the computer forensics experts at AVM Technology.