AVM Technology, LLC is where the legal and technical fields merge seamlessly in offering e-discovery services.  Our team includes Certified Computer Forensics Examiners and members of the Virginia State Bar.  Given the complexity and the evolving electronic discovery and Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Rules in Virginia, this is of critical importance.  We offer electronic discovery services for clients, attorneys and law firms throughout Virginia.

Electronic discovery, also known as e-discovery, addresses the rules, technical means, and requirements pertaining to the discovery of electronic information litigation.   The resulting evidence, usually in the form of ESI must meet certain requirements in order to be used as evidence in a court of law.  Generally, a duly qualified Virginia digital forensics analyst is employed to recover, analyze, and preserve the ESI using sound forensic principles to maintain the reliability of the evidence and to prevent spoliation.

Typical data included in electronic discovery includes:

  • word processing documents
  • spreadsheets
  • e-mail
  • instant messages
  • chats and instant messages
  • smart phone call logs or text messages
  • web sites
  • any other information stored in electronic form or present in any electronic device.


The electronic discovery process may also involve restoring forensic images of digital media,  defeating “forgotten” computer passwords, searches on digital media for terms of interest (keyword searches), recovery of files, documents, photos, financial spreadsheets, recovery and analysis of user Internet use, browsing history, e-mail, e-mail attachments, and mobile device forensics.

At AVM Technology, LLC, our services include not only consulting regarding the e-discovery rules in Virginia but also the analysis of the evidence from a sound perspective.  Litigants, attorneys, and law firms should not have to select a firm to provide ESI consulting and a different firm to perform sound computer forensics analysis in Virginia, evidence recovery, or classification of ESI.  We offfer a one-stop ESI and e-discovery shop in Virginia.  To discuss how we may be able to assist with electronic discovery issues, contact AVM Technology, LLC.